Quality Harvesting Video

This is examples of harvesting wild blueberries in rough dirty fields and uneven hills. This also shows how clean the berries are harvested during this process. It doesn't take long for anyone to learn how to operate and harvest efficiently in these conditions.

Blueberry Harvester

  • Our harvesters are the easiest to run
  • Most economical way to pick wild blueberries
  • Minimiom maintainince conpared to other brands
  • Lighter then other harvesters to provent damaging fields
  • Easy to Transport from one location to another

Maneuverability during OUR WORK

  • Zero turn capabilities allow to pick in hard to get areas

Our equipment models and variations

There are many models to choose from depending on job requirements with many options to pick from.


Berry Harvesting

We have a team a harvesters and staff to meet your harvesting needs.

Field Clearing & Leveling

We have equipment to clear fields, remove roots and debris to allow berry plants to grow and spread. We also have equipment to level so that harvesting is more productive.

Road Building & General Construction

We can provide building and construction needs including roads, building site preparation, drainage requirements and other construction needs.

Property management and maintenance needs

We offer many services including field/yard maintenance with any landscaping needs.

Drone Video Imaging

We provide many drone services including and not limited to videos and others in according to area regulations.

Snow Removal

We Provide commercial and residential snow removal services.



Pictou County Berry Ltd.

Pictou Landing Rd.

Trenton, Nova Scotia





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